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E-learning Courses

E-learning Centre

We develop e- learning courses for professionals working in food and nutrition security, social and economic development and sustainable management of natural resources.
We provide our learners with free access to content that can interest them and support them in their job. The courses cover a wealth of topics of global interest. They offer content for self-pace learning as well as materials for trainers and references to existing bibliography and online resources.

Climate Change and Food Security

Impacts of Climate Change on Food Security: Climate change happens in different ways, ranging from increased climate variability and gradual changes in temperature and precipitation, to increased frequency and intensity of extreme events.
How does all of that impact food security?
In this lesson you will see some examples of how climate change impacts on food insecure and vulnerable people.
You will also look at the interactions between climate change and food security determinants at global level.

Agricultural extension in transition worldwide: policies and strategies for reform

This course covers reforms affecting public sector agricultural extension systems and services. The continuing role of government in determining which reforms will be embarked on, the contemporary concern of linking farmers to markets, the management of extension organization and field operations and the issue of educating and training extension agents. The extension reforms addressed in this course illustrate the need to examine issues of effectiveness, efficiency and advancement.