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Proceedings of the Project Launch Workshop on “Food Security Policy and Strategy Capacity Building Programme”


The Food Security Policy and Strategy Capacity Building Programme (FSP&SCBP) is a three year project funded by the EU and implemented by the food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with the Government of Sudan. The programme outcome is to make food security decisions more inclusive, better integrated, informed, implemented and monitored. This will be achieved primarily by strengthening governments’ capacities to prioritize and formulate food security policies and strategies based on well researched evidence and through inclusive and consultative mechanisms in which lower-level governance structures and major non-state actors become part of the prioritizing and decision making processes.

The programme fully recognizes the multi-dimensional nature of food security and therefore seeks to address it through an inter-sectoral institutional platform. In this regards, the project will strengthen the federal level Food Security Technical Secretariat (FSTS) and facilitate the establishment of state level inter-sectoral food security secretariat and support it to develop coordination mechanisms with other development actors and operational linkages including with the Localities.

The project is also aimed at bolstering the capacity of the Government to formulate their sector policies, strategies, plans and budgets taking into account the State’s food security priorities and locality contexts.

FSPS will also strengthen key components of a cross sector food security information system paying special attention to issues of poverty and vulnerability, beyond food production. These will include, agro-climatology and livestock/pasture monitoring, market information, health and nutrition monitoring, and integrated food security analysis. In addition, it provide support to Non-State Actors groups (producer associations, professional bodies, Women Union's and Local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)) so that their knowledge and resources are effectively integrated in food security decision making processes.