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نظام معلومات الأمن الغذائى فى السودان

الأمانة الفنية للأمن الغذائي في السودان
الرئيسية >> أبعاد الأمن الغذائي
الاستخدام - طريقة المسح المكانية البسيطة

IndicatorAlborgegAldabbaAlgoledAll stateDalgoDongolaDongola TownHalfaMerawi
Stunting Global (6 - 59 Month)
Wasting Global (WHZ) (6 - 59 Month)0.03.919.07.312.611.
Wasting Severe (MUAC) (6 - 59 Month)
Child Vitamin A Supplementation (6 - 59 Month)100.089.986.582.190.190.492.374.986.7
Age Appropriate Full Vaccination Coverage (6 - 59 Month)75.088.780.687.492.687.791.088.783.9
Penta Valent Drop-Out Rate: Children >= 4 Months has PENTA-1 but not PENTA-3 (4 - 59 Month)
Good Diarrhoea Treatment (6 - 59 Month)0.031.737.033.07.550.517.035.122.5
Mean Number Illness Danger Signs Known by Mothers1.
Exclusive Breast Feeding100.020.359.466.857.147.155.676.073.6
Mother Under Nourished (MUAC < 230 MM)
At Least One ANC Visit100.094.592.296.6100.097.192.997.197.5
Four or More ANC Visits83.367.562.475.668.377.879.287.247.1
Iron folate for 6 Months During Last Pregnancy16.729.119.041.723.235.518.461.26.2
Delivery Attended by Trained Personnel100.095.894.895.8100.098.8100.093.898.8
Improved Source of Drinking Water33.330.826.216.08.518.814.412.713.7
Adequately Iodized Salt (>= 15 PPM)100.091.978.290.792.399.098.894.076.0
Improved Sanitation Facility50.050.671.452.437.250.075.953.451.0
Five Critical Hand Washing Points (MEAN)
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